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We Provide IT Solution

We design, develop and maintain high class, cost effective and user friendly websites, mobile applications, software and communications.

Web Development

Proper maintenance of the website in important, many people develop a strong website but they lack maintenance. Maintenance of a website involves different activities.


SMO means usage of media files in your own website whereas SMM (social media marketing) means posting media files of the company at different websites for promoting your business or company.

Web Maintenance

Website designs, from making development solutions for mobile and responsive website designs, to build customized e-commerce and dynamic sites.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our developers and online marketing strategists work together to develop a fully customized e-commerce website that can represent your business online.

Custom Web-App

Applications at an affordable cost that helps you serve your target audience with an exceptional online experience with your own customization.

About Ditya Infotech

In today's digital world, the only way to leave a mark in the market and boost the growth of your business is to get online. That is where Ditya InfoTech is going to help you out. We are one of the best companies that offer different digital services for your business. Starting from website development to Digital Marketing and SEO, we have got it all. It will all help your business to see the rapid progress in the revenues, and even your client base is going to multiply overnight.

Ditya InfoTech has only seen the growth in business since it was founded in 2020. That is because it works excellently towards customer satisfaction. We use all the latest technologies that are suitable according to the customer's requirements. Along with client services, we also offer industrial training to students who are trying to get into the IT industry. We deal with the most up-to-date technologies.

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Frequently Asks Questions

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not language specialists. We work with clients to choose the best technologies for the long-term needs of their custom software development projects.

Our clients typically have complex requirements and high-performance expectations. Art+Logic project teams can solve the most unusual and thorny problems — often where other developers have failed. When your project has its first hiccup, you’ll take comfort in knowing that our team has the depth of knowledge and the necessary skills to overcome technical issues that could not have been foreseen at the outset. That’s part of what we mean when we say we code the “impossible.”® Our success working on a seemingly “impossible” project also derives from our ability to understand the correct solution to a client’s needs and being able to deliver that solution effectively. In our experience, the “impossible” is not always about delivering a highly complex solution. Sometimes what makes a task “impossible” is a misdirected focus that results in executing the wrong task, a task that should never be attempted in the first place. Our project managers are experts at identifying a misstep before it becomes the defining path of a project’s journey.

Our business revolves around taking a client’s vision and bringing it to life in a form that’s better than they imagined. Some of our clients are themselves skilled development shops; others are a few people with an idea and some funding. They come to us from every possible industry, often with problems and ideas that other developers have told them aren’t practical or feasible to tackle, in a word, “impossible.” We combine our clients’ industry expertise, domain knowledge, and requirements with our development practices to deliver great software. While buzzwords tend to come and go, the principles of quality software engineering are more enduring. In our experience, developing beautiful, efficient, and effective code requires great programmers who are capable of building that code while being flexible enough to adapt to a process that is constantly evolving in order to leverage the latest proven technology. Building on twenty-five years of experience, Art+Logic has developed a milestone-driven process that is based on proven lean, agile development principles. We know how custom software development projects evolve, so, in order to build the software our clients need for their success, we have implemented a development process that embraces and manages the nuances of a project’s evolution. Our process is flexible and realistic and helps avoid the pitfalls of a rigid, or waterfall-based process. When a software project is too rigid, it will often miss the end target and inevitably require expensive, time-consuming rework. On the other hand, when a process is too loose, it will eventually lose direction, burn unnecessary budget, and fail to meet its objective. Our milestone-driven process helps avoid those costly mistakes.